Gas Safety and Emergencies

Gas Supply Emergencies

Currently there are none to report.

Situation Contact No. Details
Life Threatening Emergency 000 If a life is in danger call the emergency line directly
Report a Gas Outage 180 2111 Check this site for all current known gas outages. Check with your neighbours first if they use gas, then call to hear all current outage information. If your area isn’t listed, stay on the line to report your loss of supply.

The Natural Gas industry in Tasmania is highly regulated with many controls and standards in place to ensure your safety. Prior to making gas available, Tas Gas rigorously tests all its pipelines in your neighbourhood to ensure compliance and safe operation.

For further details with regard to the location of the pipeline, or if you are planning to undertake any excavation, drilling, other civil or development works adjacent to the pipeline, please contact Dial Before You Dig on freephone 1100 or at

Natural Gas leaks

If you damage a pipe or you smell gas in the street or on your property before or including the meter, you should call 180 2111 immediately from a safe location. If however, you believe the leak to be after the meter on a section of pipe work connecting your appliances, or on the appliance itself, you should turn off gas meter then contact a licensed gasfitter to rectify the problem.

If you smell gas inside your home:

> Turn OFF all appliances and pilot lights;

> Turn OFF the supply at the gas meter;

> Open all doors and windows for ventilation;

> If the smell of gas remains after turning off the gas meter, evacuate the property to a safe location and immediately contact 180 2111;

> If the smell of gas stops contact your licensed gas fitter to repair the escape of gas on your installation and relight your appliances;

> If you suspect a gas leak, do not use a naked flame or other ignition source (ignition sources include light switches, power points, mobile phones, pagers and cigarettes);

> Do not operate electrical equipment in the vicinity of a gas leak. If the lights are on, leave them on. Isolate power at the main switchboard

> Call 000 in the event of an emergency;

What do I do in the event of loss of gas supply?

If an appliance has stopped working and you believe that gas may have stopped flowing to your property please check any other gas appliances to see if they are working.

If the other gas appliances are still working please call your gas fitter to attend to the problem as this would appear to be an appliance issue and not a gas supply problem from the mains. If all of the appliances appear to be affected, or you only have the one appliance, first check your gas meter control valve to ensure that this has not been turned off for some reason. If the valve is still open and you still have no supply then you need to contact the 24-hour response centre on 180 2111 Under normal circumstances this is a free service and you will not be charged for the call out and attending to your gas supply problem.

Please note that during cold weather, ice may form and cause certain equipment to freeze and cause a gas outage. In which case please follow the above process by dialing 180 2111.

If the problem is more wide spread and affects a number of consumers please report the issue as above and then listen for further updates via the media and this web site.


For any emergencies or incidents related to the high pressure transmission Tasmanian Gas Pipeline (TGP), please contact their Control Room on 1800 195 666.