Frequently Asked Questions

What is Natural Gas?

Natural Gas is an odourless and naturally occurring fossil fuel that consists primarily of methane. Natural Gas is a clean form of burning fuel that is considered to be safe and environmentally friendly. Its primary use is for hot water, heating and cooking but recent technology has allowed it to be very versatile in both commercial and residential use.

Is Natural Gas available in my street?

To see if Natural Gas is available in your street please refer to one of the retailers’ websites listed below. These sites provide an interactive map that allow you to investigate the availability of the natural gas network. These maps are to be used as a guide only. For further clarification, please contact a Natural Gas Retailer.

Tas Gas Retail – 1800 GET GAS (1800 438 427)

Aurora Energy – Residential Gas Enquiries: 1300 13 2003
Business Gas Enquiries: 1300 13 2045

How do I connect to Natural Gas?

You can make an application with one of the Natural Gas Retailers, Tas Gas Retail or Aurora Energy. When natural gas is installed, an underground service pipe is laid from the road to where the meter is to be located to your premises. Often it is possible to install this pipe using underground drilling techniques, which means little disruption to lawns, gardens, fences and landscaping. In some circumstances, trenching may need to be utilised.

How much will it cost to get connected to gas?

Tas Gas requires that on-going revenue from consumers provide a commercial return on Tas Gas asset investments and the common network.

As of the 1st January 2016, a one off $300 (including GST) connection fee will apply for one or more appliances (with the exception of a cooking appliance where a $1500 fee will apply). Services which are not consuming within 90 days of connection will incur an additional charge.

How long will it take to get connected?

This is dependent on the location of your premises relative to the commissioned distribution network. Generally if gas is available in your street we would envisage that your service pipe and gas meter would be installed and commissioned in 4 to 6 weeks of you supplying us with a completed and complying Customer Connection Request (CCR) form, and your prompt payment of any relevant connection charges payable to Tas Gas Networks.

Why do I need to apply to a Retailer?

Tas Gas Network manages the physical gas connections to its network. Before you can be connected however, you will need to choose a retailer and enter into a gas supply agreement with them. Your retailer can then act as your agent in arranging connection with Tas Gas Networks. The CCR application must be signed by you, and you are directly responsible for payment of any connection charges applicable to the connection.

Tas Gas Networks primary business is owning and managing the network and provides a delivery service transporting natural gas across its networks. Gas retailers purchase the gas and on-sell to customers like you. Gas retailers are required by legislation to be licensed and must have entered into a Use of System Agreement with Tas Gas before they may supply consumers across the Tas Gas Network. For consumers of less than 5 Tera-Joules p.a., Tas Gas will directly contract with and charge gas retailers for use of its network and gas retailers will include the cost of this service in their charges to you, the end consumer. In such cases you will receive only one account for your gas supply and your contractual relationship will be with the retailer with whom you have a gas supply agreement. For consumers above 5 Tera-Joules p.a., both Tas Gas Networks and a gas retailer will have separate contracts with you.

What if I do not connect my appliances?

As per our Terms and Conditions, appliances must be connected within 90 days of the meter being installed on your property. If the customer does not install the appliances as indicated on the application form, additional connection charges may apply (a charge of $2500 may apply to services).

What do I do in the event of loss of gas supply?

If an appliance has stopped working and you believe that gas may have stopped flowing to your property please check any other gas appliances to see if they are working.

If the other gas appliances are still working please call your gas fitter to attend to the problem as this would appear to be an appliance issue and not a gas supply problem from the mains. If all of the appliances appear to be affected, or you only have the one appliance, first check your gas meter control valve to ensure that this has not been turned off for some reason. If the valve is still open and you still have no supply then you need to contact the 24-hour response center on 180 2111 and press the “0” button being an emergency or life threatening situation prompt. (No other prompts will get your gas outage immediate attention). Under normal circumstances this is a free service and you will not be charged for the call out and attending to your gas supply problem.

Please note that during cold weather, ice may in certain circumstances cause certain equipment to freeze and cause a gas outage. In which case please follow the above process by dialing 180 2111.

If the problem is more wide spread and affects a number of consumers please report the issue as above and then listen for further updates via the media and this web site.