Gas Availability Map

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Before viewing our interactive map, please take a moment to read the following notes.

The information shown is a pictorial reference only and is not to be used for any other purposes. Not all gas pipes and assets are shown on these plans.

The information shown on these maps is intended to show the immediate availability of natural gas to residential customers only. Commercial and Industrial operators should contact Tas Gas Networks directly.

Prior to any excavation works, accurate pipe locations must be sought through the Dial Before You Dig service, or by calling 1100.

Tas Gas has used all reasonable endeavours to ensure that the information contained in these maps is correct. No warranty, guarantee, representation or assurance can be given about the accuracy, completeness, reliability or otherwise of the information contained in these maps. Tas Gas accepts no responsibility or liability for any loss howsoever caused as a consequence of acting upon or in consideration of the information contained in its maps. Tas Gas reserves the right to make changes to these maps without notice at any time at its absolute discretion. Users of these maps should reconcile the accuracy and currency of the information provided with Tas Gas before acting upon or in consideration of the information.

The pipelines shown are not the actual alignment of gas pipelines in the street, they represent the network coverage only.