Gas Suppliers and Retailers

Once you decide to connect to Natural Gas you must enter into a contract with a gas retailer. A gas retailer will be responsible for billing you for the consumption of gas. The following gas retailers are licensed to supply gas to consumers in Tasmania:

Tas Gas Retail
Aurora Energy Pty Ltd

Below are the contact details for TGN and Aurora gas fitters and appliance stores state-wide that you may find useful during your connection process.

Tas Gas Retail Preferred Suppliers

If you require any further assistance, please phone us on 1800 770 018.

New Natural Gas Retailers

Tas Gas Networks (TGN) welcomes the opportunity to speak with natural gas retailers that wish to retail natural gas off the TGN distribution pipelines throughout Tasmania.

Please email: and a member of our commercial team will be in touch.

Located here is TGN’s Long Form Use of Systems Agreement (LFUOSA), Short Form Use of Systems Agreement (SFUOSA) and Ring Fencing Policy.