Why Gas

Natural gas is the right choice for so many reasons. Here are some of the best …

1. Convenience

Natural gas makes life easier – natural gas heating means no more cleaning up ashes, chopping wood or smoky odours and with natural gas you’ll never run out of fuel. You will enjoy the convenience natural gas adds to your home from long hot showers, to precision cooking and fast heating are all possible with natural gas at the press of a button.

2. Safety

Natural gas is one of the world’s safest sources of energy. A special odorant is added to help identify gas leaks. Natural gas is also lighter than air, which means it vents easier if a leak does develop. Please refer to our section on Safety for further information.

3. Versatility

Natural gas is a multi-purpose fuel. It can be used for water heating, cooking, central heating and mood-setting flame-effect fireplaces, as well as outdoors for barbecuing, and even heating your swimming pool or a hot tub. Once your home is connected to Natural Gas it is very easy to install more appliances.

4. Environmentally Friendly

Natural gas is the cleanest of all fossil fuels and by all measures (air emissions, solid wastes, water pollution and water consumption) is one of the best energy alternatives for today’s environment – both inside and outside your home.

5. Increase the Resale Value of Your Home

Adding natural gas appliances to your home will pay dividends in the future when you decide it’s time to sell. Enhancing the desirability and value of your property with natural gas by flame effect fires, ducted central heating or other gas appliances is a smart move, as more and more people look to buy homes with natural gas.

6. Secure Domestic Supply

There is a secure supply of natural gas right here in Australia, therefore you are assured of a natural gas powered, comfortable and convenient lifestyle for years to come.