Get Gas

For Home or Business connecting is easy!

  • Contact a Natural Gas Retailer. Tas Gas Retail or Aurora Energy.
  • Tas Gas Retail or Aurora Energy establishes an account for you to pay the gas bill.
  • Tas Gas Networks lays a gas pipe from your street to your house.
  • Gas fitter connects your chosen natural gas appliances.

Initially, your point of contact will start with a Natural Gas Retailer. Tas Gas Networks are the Distributor. This means we will supply the pipe from the street to your house and attach a meter. Beyond the meter, the responsibility is yours to arrange an account with a nominated gas retailer, and to find a suitable gas fitter to install your chosen appliances.

Your retailer will process your application to Tas Gas Networks who will indicate to you any charges applicable. Once your application has been assessed and we have your acceptance of any applicable charges, you may proceed with arranging the purchase and installation of your gas appliances.