About Us

Tas Gas is a Natural Gas distributor, delivering natural gas to homes and businesses in Tasmania. Our network makes gas available to approximately 58,000 of the state’s commercial and residential customers.

Tas Gas began work on the project in May 2003 with the commencement of the design process. The construction of the network was divided into two major stages. The first stage of the project, which was completed in July 2005, involved the laying of 100 km of gas pipe in the urban areas of Hobart, Launceston, Longford, Westbury, Bell Bay, Wynyard and Devonport. The second stage, which was completed in April 2007, involved laying further 612 km of gas pipe across Hobart, Launceston, Burnie and Devonport.

In any 24 hour period, Tas Gas can receive the following quantities of natural gas into its distribution network; Bell Bay 144,000scm, Westbury 28,800scm, Wynyard 60,000scm, Longford 48,000scm, Burnie 84,000scm, Devonport 144,000scm, Launceston 144,000scm and Bridgewater 624,000scm.

Tas Gas also owns and operates a transmission pipeline, which transports natural gas from the Ulverstone Offtake Facility in Gawler to the Simplot Metering Facility in Ulverstone. At the Simplot Metering Facility, the gas is filtered, heated and pressure regulated. After heating, the supply is divided into two streams. One stream provides for natural gas supply to Simplot, the second stream is capable of supplying up to 144,000scm per day to the Ulverstone township and supplies a small residential subdivision on the southern side of Bass Highway.  The nameplate rating of the transmission pipeline is 156,000scm per day.